Monday, July 2, 2007

Switched to Mac

Well, I've been using my Macbook on a fairly regular basis, and I don't really miss my Windows PC. Most of the key stuff have been transferred (iTunes library, photo library, email, contacts, calendar). Also, thanks to iSync, my cellphone syncs more seamlessly with my Mac than with my PC.

Does this mean I'm getting rid of my PC? No. Although I can always use bootcamp, I want to keep my Macbook as OS X only. I will still be using my PC for other stuff, like transcoding DVDs, ripping Audio CDs (EAC), Picasa for uploading videos to my Picasa web album, bittorrent and games.

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Mikie said...

I'm with ya. My PC still has a few uses, though I don't mind using bootcamp now and then. One of these days I'll give parallels desktop a whirl and find a suitable bittorrent client for mac. I just feel like the overall experience on Mac OS X is more pleasant than using Windows was.