Saturday, July 19, 2008

MobileMe push with iPod Touch

The idea of push technology is to have almost instant sync. For example, if you add a contact in your address book on a portable device, with push technology, the information is automatically pushed so the address book in your computer is automatically updated. This idea makes sense on the iPhone, where there is a constant data access via the cellular wireless. However, how about the iPod Touch? The iPod Touch only have wifi for internet connection. Well, MobileMe push works, with caveats. Basically if you do any changes on the calendar/address book on the Touch WHILE it's connected to the internet, push works. I tried it, and it worked just fine with my iMac. However, stuff that you do when the Touch is NOT connected to the internet will NOT be pushed until the next successful push (when you do something WHILE connected to the internet). The contents that you changed while the Touch is offline don't seem to be pushed EVEN when you're connected to the internet later on, IF you don't change anything else. So, you can change a lot of things on the Touch offline, and not having the contents being pushed at all. Bummer!

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