Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kanpai Je t'aime

I was browsing youtube for Kamen Rider videos, and found this Pure Boys PV.

2 casts from Kamen Rider Kiva are members of the group {Nago Keisuke (Kamen Rider IXA) and Otoya (Wataru's father/IXA/Dark Kiva)}. It's a PV of one of Pure Boys music, Kanpai Je t'aime. It's actually their first album in 2007.

Well, hmmm, I was thinking. This song sounds so familiar, and I don't think it was Japanese. Hmmm, I think it was... Korean. Yup, this is actually a cover of a Korean song from, guess when, 1999! The original song is "Com' Back" by Sechskies.

Hey, I like J-Pop, but c'mon, covering a Korean song from 8 years ago? And the dance? You think the Pure Boys' dance is good? I don't think they could handle the way Sechskies did it. Here's Sechskies from 1999:

Yeah, a bit more energetic, no? LOL.

BTW, you can get the Pure Boys song "Kanpai Je t'aime" from iTunes, amazing.

Update: Updated the Sechskies video youtube link. the old one was gone.

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chuuu said...

OMG!!!! It looks so appalling if you compare it apple to apple like that! This is the first time I felt J-pop is very pale and lame and it's against music from a decade ago. Different generation though targeted to the same market! Got nothing against Pure Boys, but come on, J-pop can do better than picking a recycle music as their debut album! At least make it better! And when you going up against former top Korean boyband, you better look damn good and exceed instead of putting up half hearted PV. What a waste, and it's not even my fave Sechskies song.