Saturday, September 1, 2007

Sony New Walkmen lineup

Well, it's been the news on many blog sites. Sony released new Walkmen lineup with support of Windows Media play-for-sure, ditching their propietary Atrac and Connect music store.

Now I'm really excited about these new DAPs!!!!! Guess what Sony used to based the software on.... LINUX! YEAH, OPEN SOURCE! AND you can check the source codes too (although I have no understanding of the content!).

When I tried finding the manuals for the NWZ-A81x series, I stumbled a GPL license at Sony support. I thought WTF? GPL? Then voila, check this list of Sony products that use Linux, and the links to the source code! Update: Well, apparently it's just the source codes of the tools used to build the firmware, not the firmware itself.

So yeah, maybe some productive people will be able to do some interesting stuff. Hey, maybe I'll buy one of these just because. :D Good job Sony, but maybe you should be more upfront about it.

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