Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Super Stardust HD

I was itching to play an arcade shooting game, the ones that have a Japanese shooting game feel like Raiden. Well, I stumbled by Super Stardust HD on the Playstation store. It's a downloadable game for the PS3. Stunning HD graphic, smooth frame rate, slick music, and tons of shooting action that you're going to feel that your hands are going numb. Instead of a vertical/horizontal scrolling shooter, your ship is placed on a sphere (planet), and that's your arena. Meteorites and enemies will start falling down to the surface, and it's your job to mow them down. Kinda like the classic ATARI game Asteroid for the 21st century. Ever had the excitement when playing games like Raiden, where there are tons of enemies and bullets on the screen that it almost seems impossible to even move your ship? Well, that excitement is exactly what I felt when playing Super Stardust HD. It took me quite a while to even finish level one, but unlike some other games, I don't feel that frustrated at all because of the fun factor.

Really nice and fun game. Recommended for any PS3 owners, considering there are not many good PS3 games in the first place. There is no story whatsoever. Just make sure you rest your hands occasionally, and maybe prepare to buy a new controller. :)

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