Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tachyon - Fell Your Breeze

Found this on youtube, a Korean boyband singing the song "Feel Your Breeze," originally sung in Japanese by V6.

I dunno. They definitely have better voice than the likes of Ken Miyake or Go Morita, but it just doesn't sound right, obviously since I listen to the original one first by V6. Also, looks like they're only 3 people, having to have background dancers. The groups seems to be less energetic and more girlish to me compared to V6.

Here's the original V6 one. Alas, Avex is pretty aggressive in shutting down videos. This is the only one I could find in Youtube, and it's pretty crappy quality.

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chuuu said...

oo i know why u'd feel that the Korean version is more girlish coz their tempo is slower and less noise, so it has a lighter feel and with the airy looking guys.. haha... but i still like V6 version better coz they're easier to the ear and have more beat to it, plus can't beat the harmony, more people sing add weight and V6's pitch is lower haha...