Friday, January 16, 2009

Club Prince

I was looking at iTunes store, and saw a recommendation for me for a group called Club Prince. Apparently they're a Japanese boyband with host theme. Their Love ドッきゅん music video is hilarious, especially the guy the ripped his shirt in the beginning... LOL

Of course, knowing Japan, a bunch of videos of fans doing the dance have spawned.


Curious, I checked their official web site. The main vocalist is Yuga, or Yuta, a former vocalist of Kids Alive. Kids Alive? LOL. Remember them? They're the one who sing Hikaru no Go's 1st ending theme.

Here's another music video of their song, Ame.

Watch [PV] Kids Alive - Ame in Music Videos  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Wow, from a cool rock band into a dance host idol. LOL, what a turn around! Compare the feeling of the song Ame with this song, チューナイ!

Chuu-nai chuu-nai chu chu chu nai...

Club Prince's songs and album are available in iTunes! Amazing!

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