Saturday, May 3, 2008

Iron Man Movie

Very fun movie with tons of gadgets and technology. Stark's basement itself is a geek's dream. Robert Downey Jr seems to be a perfect fit for Tony Stark. One great thing about the movie is that the director didn't waste the time introducing the story/characters. The movie started right at the moment Stark being ambushed in Afghanistan. No time wasted in introducing Iron Man either. The mark 2 only had a brief appearance before the final red/gold suit is out. Very fast paced as Tony juggles his time between business and developing the suit. My favorite scenes are when Tony is recording his tests of the suit's flight components. Those scenes were hilarious.

The final fight with Iron Monger was not that great though. Not enough oomph. It's the usual hero-almost-got-beaten-girl-saves-hero kind of fight. I wanted Iron Man to totally kick ass from the start to the finish. Maybe on the 2nd or 3rd movie.

The CG is simply awesome, especially Tony's garage/basement. Alas, the high tech stuff is frequently contrasted with today's "meh" techs like Tony's LG cellphone and the Dell XPS M2010 "laptop." Still, there is plenty of CG showcase, like the scene where Tony is putting on the mark 3 suit.

On another topic, the theater I went to sucked. The movie was out of focus! Terrible! Plus there was a bunch of asshole teenagers on the side that were yapping all the time. Another reason why I prefer watching movies at home. Can't wait for the blu-ray release of the movie.

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