Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Kids on The Block 2008?

When I heard New Kids on The Block (NKOTB) going to perform live on NBC Today, I didn't really pay attention. Maybe just some copycat new artist. Well, guess what, it's the same NKOTB from the late 80's. OMG. They're still alive? So I guess they ran out of money or something? It's unreal. Is the music industry so desperate? So we have Hollywood remaking 80's stuff (believe me, there's a rumor about MacGyver movie). Now we have NKOTB back. What's next? Backstreet Boys? 'N Sync? Vanilla Ice? LOL. Hey, who knows, maybe Michael Jackson is coming back too. Although it's expected for US artists to do a "come back" whenever they ran out of money, I still find NKOTB being back to be too surreal, considering the time lapse. For those that needs to see this "man-band" pictures, check their flickr photostream.

At least with eurobeat, I can enjoy new compilation at least on the monthly basis, not having to wait 10 years+ for a new track. :p

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chuuu said...

Damn, they're OLD!!! WTH??!!?? It's like a bunch of flanky guys doing karaoke, they lost all the youth charms from their 80s fame... I'd rather go see V6 or SMAP (they're old already but at least doesn't look old)