Friday, May 2, 2008

Max, CD ripper for Mac

Max is a CD ripper program for MacOS X. Couple nice things:
- cdparanoia gives you more accurate rip. Probably not as extensive as EAC though.
- ability to rip from CUE sheet + .wav image file.
- uses Lame MP3

The ugly:
- MP3 ripped tracks have a 1 to 2 seconds silence in the beginning. I compared them with tracks ripped with CDex on Windows, and no such silence. :(
- Minimal control over drive configuration compared to EAC
- Minimal control over MP3 encoder setting. Cannot specify the various presets, although the Transparent setting is presumably equal to -preset fast standard.
- One ripped track had the last second of the previous track in the beginning. WTF??

Not perfect. I'll stick with xld for my CUE+wav into MP3 solution, or use my windows PC and enjoy the magnificent EAC and CDex.

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